And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52 NASB

Jesus Grew Tool

For almost the past 10 years, I have provided our family with a tool to assess the past year and goal set for the new year. In my college discipleship ministry, the Luke 2:52 verse was used as a pattern to set goals for each semester. I had one friend, who included writing down his “date” goal. He planned one date each semester.

This verse captures all of Jesus’ growth as a child. We know He lived in Egypt and Nazareth. By the time He was 12, He reveals an awareness in the temple experience of His mission to “be about My father’s business”. In the verse we see he matured in all facets of life.

The four areas or spheres of growth are Mental or Intellectual (wisdom), Physical (stature), Spiritual (favor with God) and Social (favor with people). Jesus matured in a well rounded childhood. He memorized scripture, learned how to communicate across the social spectrum, nurtured His relationship with His Father God, and was physically fit to endure much walking and fasting.

I offer this “tool” to you as a reflection to engage God in all spheres of your life. There are 3 keys to making this tool effective in your life.

  1. Talk through your answers with someone. It’s okay to change your first impression especially if you can answer “why” this is important to you personally.
    1. If you are going to make a dietary change, why? “Just because” will not be enough motivation to help you stay with your goal.
    2. If you want to memorize scripture, why? If it is a feeling of that it is what is expected of a Christian, “ought to’s” will not sustain change.
    3. The “Why” should capture a part of your emotions and be connected with who you are, and not somebody’s else view for you.
  2. Write down the answers. Write them down once, read them and then change them to capture your heart of “that’s exactly what I want to say and do”.
  3. Include measurements with each goal. Each needs to have a start time or date, the end goal, and possibly the when and where of the activity.
    1. If walking is to be a goal for growing physically fit, then when will you start? Which days of the week will you walk? What time will you walk? How far will you walk? Without answering these types of questions, it will be very difficult to integrate walking into your life. You can adjust schedules easily if they have a “when they are supposed to happen” time schedule
    2. If you want to read one book a month, when will you do the reading? To include a new rhythm, an old one will be traded away. 
      1. Attach the reading time to an event which is already established. For instance, when I take my shoes off and sit in the chair, I will read for 15 minutes. Taking the shoes off happens every day, it becomes a trigger to remember to read a book. I challenge you to try this, it’s based on research from a book called Tiny Habits.

I am including the Jesus Grew PDF in this blog. I will keep including the PDF throughout the week as a reminder for you. If you have questions about the tool, or you would like to discuss how to use it, please feel free to contact me.

May you increase in blessing and favor this year. May you experience a wonderful harvest of God’s good things which He has ordained for you.

Blessings Love y’all