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1 O Lord, remember David and all the hardships he endured…15 I will certainly bless all that Zion needs. I will satisfy its needy people with food. 16  I will clothe its priests with salvation. Then its godly ones will sing joyfully. 17  There I will make a horn sprout up for David. I will prepare a lamp for my anointed one. Psalm 132:1, 15-17 God’s Word Translation.

Focus is so hard when you are walking through trials and hardships. To you, it seems I have turned My gaze away. You think I have put cotton in My ears so I do not hear your cries and pleas.

To be sure, I know the silence is louder than you hoped for. The “why” questions transverse across your mind looking for a peaceful overlook where life can make sense again. 

In your mind and speech, walk to the promises I have already spoken. Remember My continued faithfulness over your life. 

King David said, “I was young, and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken.”  I did not leave him and will not forsake you NOW or in the future. 

Even now, I am moving the pieces so that the light of Hope shines through to you. Let its warmth bring the strength to endure. May it remind you of My abiding presence.

My Joy starts before the circumstances change. Its seed germinates in my fertile promises. Laughter helps it grow from the belly to the mind. Joy enables you to see life from My perspective.  Your mind’s eye has renewed focus.

Remind Me of My promises. Reminisce of our walks together. I will bring you through as I have done before. 

I am whispering continually,  “I am here. I love you.”

Whispers from your Father, Go