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I know that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods. Psalms 135:5 NIV

Greater than all gods – Another Whisper

When you sit on a four legged chair you are exhibiting faith that the chair will hold you up. You believe that the one who made the chair built it strong and sturdy to handle people sitting in it again and again. Only I am fully trustworthy to withstand the trials and storms which come your way.

I created you to believe in things bigger than yourself. You plan your time and seasons around the rising of the sun and the waxing of the moon. You trust your food will come through your seedtime and harvesting. You have no control over such things, yet you trust in their steadfastness. You can count on these bodies in heaven to govern your lives. And I hold these in My hands.

The heavens declare and My words all point to trust in Me as your God and Father. When I told you not to have any other gods before Me, I wanted you to know that everything else will fail besides Me. Whether you are trusting in your own strength and intellect or you are making an object to place your hope in, they will all fall short of your hopes and dreams. They don’t have the longevity or bandwidth to do all that you are hoping for.

My desire to be first in your life, it is not a need that I have. I know how much you need Me. I am greater than you can ever imagine. A lifetime is not long enough to delve into the depths of my wisdom and goodness. I share all that I am with you even to the full extent of My love.

What is important for you is the direction I am facing. To you My child, I look face to face. To you I open My heart. To you I speak with grace and tenderness. To you I remain with you always.

When you declare My worth, when you tell of My greatness, when you are thankful for My goodness, when you appreciate My love; you are focusing your affections on the God you love. My child, as your Father, I too take great delight in talking about you. You have chosen to walk the way of the righteous path of My Son. You believe in My Son, you believe also in Me.

Extend your faith, My child, to trust in My greatness to carry you through all your storms and the hard spots in your life. I love you.

Whispers from your Father, God