images-87I will give those who are weary all they need. I will refresh everyone who is filled with sorrow. At this, I woke up and looked around. My sleep had been pleasant. Jeremiah 31:25-26 GOD’s Word Translation

We have a pretty good walk from the parking space to the office and then back down to the bus lot. I asked a lady the cordial, “Hello, how are you doing?” She replied, “I am tired, just so very tired.” No other commentary was given for her tiredness. She left the conversation with that comment just hanging.

How about you? Are you tired? God has some pretty good principles to refresh our rest. These are not exhaustive, just some observations from experience. 

  • Physical tiredness
    • Everyone gets physically tired. God’s first antidote is sleep. It’s okay to go to sleep earlier if you need it. Find your rhythm for the amount of sleep that you need each night and try to stay in that mix. Ask God to give you great sleep, speak to you in dreams and visions, and  watch over you while you are sleeping. He never sleeps nor slumbers, so He is always ready to give to those who ask.
    • Diet and Exercise
      • Some physical tiredness is directly related to what you have been eating. Too much food can cause you to be lethargic. The wrong foods, too much sugar, has a lift, but also a drop off physically. As well as navigating good eating choices, fasting allows a good reset to fatigue from improper eating.
      • Some exercise is needed to release your endorphins and train your blood cells. As you exercise you are increasing your blood flow which goes through your lungs. The blood cells begin to increase their ability to grab more oxygen. Good oxygenated cells help every organ and part of your body. Laziness begets tiredness.
    • Laughter and smiling
      • Proverbs says that a cheerful heart is good medicine. This activity helps both the physical and the emotional fatigue. A critical and complaining person rarely exudes restfulness.
    • Peaceful and serene setting
      • Fast paced lifestyle needs to slow down sometimes to recharge. Watching sunsets, listening to morning birds, looking at the rising moon, or  listening to the crackling of the fire are great ways to find a reset action. This activity also restores both the physical and emotional.

Next week we will address Mental and Emotional tiredness. For now, make sure you are taking the proper care and maintenance of your body. Good rest, sleep, diet and exercise contributes greatly to a refreshed body. This follows the natural pattern God has provided for restoring our tired bodies.

Have a Jesus filled day

Blessings, Love y’all