how-to-help-an-anxious-child-powerful-phrases-that-calm-squareWhen anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:19 NIV

You are not in control. Unplanned events happen to all of us. Sickness comes at inconvenient times, flat tires happen, jobs end, loved ones die, families fall apart, children rebel,  accidents occur, and bills mount up. The Psalmist recognized that life throws curves and anxiety grows intense within. Even listing all of these potential troubles can cause your nerves to be stretched  to the point of breaking.

How does God bring consolation and comfort in the middle of the storms?

  • Let God speak to your storm. His words are light and life. When the disciples were afraid for their lives in the boat during the storm, Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves to be still. His words are still full of life. Let Him speak to your storm through the words that you speak from your own mouth.
    • Stop repeating your fearful thoughts of what may happen. Rehearsing your problem is not speaking to the storm. Listen to how many times you repeat potential problems versus how many times you speak God’s words of faith.
    • Memorize Romans 8:31-39. Nothing in this life can stand up to the greatness of the God we serve. Recite these verses over and over until you see your problem become smaller and God sitting calmly on His throne. The view of your life is much different while being viewed from God’s side and perspective.
  • God gives and substitutes our problems with His character and values. God loves to fill our lives with good things. He never asks us to go into a state of Nirvana or nothingness. He doesn’t give a command to stop without supplying a direction to move toward. He turns mourning into dancing, gladness for sorrow,  joy and peace for worry, gratitude for loss, and love flowing forth from forgiveness replaces anger and rejection.
  • God settles our heart with His presence. Our inner man can tangibly sense the Spirit of God. Jesus knew that the disciples needed the strong inner witness of the comforting presence of Holy Spirit. Worship music, singing, and reading the Psalms aloud are all wonderful activities to soothe the anxious soul. David would play his instrument to calm King Saul’s troubled spirit. Pray until….presence.

On this Fear Not Friday, take a moment to write down the passage in Romans so that you can commit it to memory.  Let God’s words wash over your heart and mind. Receive joy from His comfort and consolation.

Blessings Love y’all