Your Life

and we sent Timothy, our brother and God’s coworker[a] in the gospel of Christ, to establish and exhort you in your faith, 1 Thessalonians 3:2 NIV

Who would you send?

Ambassadors re-represent the head of their county in foreign lands. Their role is to promote peace, encourage trade and keep open ongoing dialogue that benefits the interest of their country which they are representing. If you were President of America, who would you send to represent your interest to countries in turmoil or with abundant resources?

Paul was unable to visit the church that he helped start in Thessalonica, so he sent Timothy. Although young, Timothy had risen to the status of a brother of Paul and fellow servant of Christ in the ministry. Paul’s confidence in Timothy was such, that he knew he would be well represented as if he were there himself.

Who would you send?

  • Who best represents your values?
    • Hint – You should have identified someone to come along side you in your ministry endeavors. You could expect to activities of ministry together and long conversations (Jesus 12 disciples)
  • What would this person communicate as the core of your content messaging?
    • Hint – Define some mission and vision statements that represent what you believe AND how you are consistent in living them out
    • Hint – I.e. if evangelism is important- are you telling others how to get saved?
    • If the content of messages and searches on your phone were used as a template of your beliefs, what would people learn about you?
  • Can you identify the Paul’s in your life who impacted your own beliefs?
    • Hint – Life begets life. Find life giving people who help nurture your spiritual hunger and thirst for God.

Timothy was tasked with helping establish and exhort the believers. He would fill in the blanks, bring some correction, give additional information and model Christ like actions of love and service. He would also be a cheerleader which is a good expression for exhorting.  Do you know how to cheer someone on? Hint – Cards, text, phone calls, coffee meet ups, or dinner engagements.

There is both an up and down aspect for Timothy. Above him stands Paul loving and teaching. Below him lives others who are hungry to know more of what it means to follow Christ. You are to be in a constant state of receiving life from others (remember to include writings of saints) and the sharing of your life to others.

If you don’t know who you would send to re-represent you, ask God to help nurture those life giving relationships. Who is your Paul and who would you send as a Timothy?

Blessings, Love y’all