I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;  he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.  Psalm 116:1-2  NIV

Cry for Mercy – Another Whisper

Adam: What is man that you are mindful of him? Are you too busy to even know my name?

Father God: Knowledge for Me is not the accumulation of books stored on a shelf. Although I do have one book that is very precious for Me which I call the Book of Life. For all those who call upon Me and receive Me into their heart, their names are written in this Book. As My Son is ever before Me interceding on your behalf, I am remembering you always.

Adam: Is it true that you care intimately for every single person on the planet?

Father God: The depth of my love has no boundaries. It is ever present with Me. Even the speed of light cannot capture the speed of My response time for those I love. When I said I love the world, it was for every single person who has lived, or will live. It includes you, even when you are not consciously thinking about Me.

Adam: To be known by You is more wonderful than I deserve. I feel like an ant in your presence. I am busy running around like all of the others, why do take notice of each one of us.

Father God: As your fingerprint is uniquely yours, so also each person is part of My creation. My image is interwoven throughout the fabric of your being. I cannot forget that which is part of Me. I know the number of hairs upon your head.

Adam: But HOW do you remain so close to each one of us? 

Father God: If you were able to understand the HOW, would that make a difference to you. Faith and trust in My words to you, encompasses the HOW. I am present in all places. There is no extra energy necessary for Me to hurry to your needs.

Adam: When I am in need and call unto You, do You hear my voice?

Father God: The cry for mercy from My child is precious to My ears. It is the same concern I have placed in all mothers who can hear their child’s need in a crowd of children. The cry touches their heart which starts them moving toward their child to assess the need. I created this type of intimacy and nurture as a reflection of My own compassion.

Adam: More than once You have responded to my cry for mercy. In fact, You have always been faithful to me. Forgive me when I slump into a pity party thinking I am having to do life without Your abiding help. It is not a sign of weakness when I have to call for help?

Father God: No it is not weakness. It is a sign of an intimate relationship which exists between us. Love does not judge the reason for its expression. Its mere presence focuses on the value of the relationship. My Son purchased your right to a robe of righteousness and the ring of My favor. My child, I am inclined to the cries of your heart always. May your ears be opened to Me. I love you!

Whispers From Your Father, God