The simple believe anything,  but the prudent give thought to their steps. Proverbs 14:15 NIV

Jimbob Believes Anything

A gullible person believes anything, but a sensible person watches his step. Proverbs 14:15 God’s Word Translation

Information, Disinformation, History, Revisionist History, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, News and News Commentary – The Bible, Self Help books. What is truth and who is trustworthy?

Most Americans start by placing a great level of trust in a new relationship. We believe what someone tells us. Trust is given and then maintained through the integrity of what is shared. They tell us they will arrive at such and such time, when they do what they say, trust is deepened. When lies and deceit enter into the relationship, trust begins to be eroded.

Jesus is truth. The Word of God never fails. He is a solid rock on which you can stand which will never be shaken. He is the only person who will always be totally trustworthy.

Solomon writes there is a difference between a wise and sensible person and a foolish or gullible person – taking time to consider the next step. Where will the information lead? If you acted upon what you heard, what would be the fruit for your life? Does it help others or tear them down? Does it lead to life and light or hiding and darkness?

The word “watch” is yabin in Hebrew. It means “to separate or discern between two matters”. Having weighed the information, you understand which is more valuable. For the follower of Jesus, this would include taking time to ask the Holy Spirit to help decipher which direction to take or what to believe. He will always lead to situations which honors God and shows love to others.

If you have been untrustworthy in the past, passed along information which was shaded with untruth, lied, deceived, or lead people astray, ask the Lord Jesus for cleansing. Isaiah had his tongue cleaned first, because he recognized his own guilt and he saw that he lived among a people with unclean lips. Sounds like he could be living in America today. 

Jesus cares greatly about our speech being honest and full of integrity. Let us pay back our debts. Let us be the most trustworthy individuals people can find. It starts with being honest and discerning those who are not. May God, give you the wisdom to walk in light and truth and to not believe everything you hear or read.

Blessings, Love y’all