When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24

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Stress is real and it appears to be at an all time high. Even if things are going well, there is an unsettled feeling in the air. Perhaps you can relate to an overbearing stress; loved ones sick, not enough money coming in, relationships fractured, pressure to perform at work, feeling stuck, or a weightiness that something is not right with you.

Regardless of your stress level, quality sleep is needed. Even King Solomon understood that fear and anxiety show up in sleep troubles. Whether its too much or too little, or tossing and turning, you need consistent quality sleep.

Understanding “you” in this verse is important for the context of one who gets the good sleep. In verse 21 Solomon writes My son, do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight, preserve sound judgment and discretion.  The “you” in our verse today starts with someone who has made sound judgments and decisions. This person will be able to sleep well at night.

What about the rest of you who have made bad decisions or have had unsolicited trouble come your way?

God is still faithful to give quality sleep to His beloved children.

You will need to cooperate with God to reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep. The following are some suggestions which might fit your situation.Ask for God’s help regarding these “Quality Sleep Barriers”.

Barriers to Quality Sleep

  • UNFORGIVENESS – Our emotional and physical bodies were not designed to carry unforgiveness and bitterness in the short term or long term. Jesus clearly instructed us to go and make things right between those who have offended us. Paul tells us not to let the sun go down with unresolved issues or we give the devil a foothold. One of his tactics is to disturb your sleep so that you wake up agitated and ready to continue the fight. LEARN to forgive. Many, many sleep disorders originate with the inability to forgive others or yourself.
  • WORRY. If unforgiveness is an unseen barrier, worry is the pot boiling over. So much sleep is lost over the inability to stop worrying. Here are some personal tips to help with releasing worry.
    • Do Philippians 4:6-9! When you are telling God about your problems, imagine them going into a cup. Then let God hold the cup. He is for you and has your situation under control. If you trusted Him with your eternal destiny, you can trust Him with the problem you are now facing
    • Pray for others. If the devil is keeping you awake through worry, then change the game plan. Pray for others and read the Bible aloud. The devil will not want you to feed your “born again spirit man”, so he will let you fall asleep. If God is stirring your heart, you will be engaged in heavenly activity which will feed your whole being. Pray boldly for others.
    • Let worship influence you. Play and sing songs which lead you to celebrate the goodness of God.
  • MONEY. When you have extended your spending to owing excessive loans you become slaves to the lenders. Slaves are never free to sleep in peace. Recognize God as the owner of all of your money, not just the bad debts. He restores those who trust him. When your financial affairs are in order, sleep is peaceful. Making wise decisions about your finances falls under the provision which Solomon was making.
  • TIME. God created a rhythm for rest in sleep and a day off. When you push the boundaries to the edge, you leave little room for rest. A writing paper has margins. These give the reader a moment to pause before going to the next line. It creates order and peace to the page. What are the margins you have established in your life? Where do you say “no” to the urgent needs which are always nipping at your feet?  You were not created to always fall asleep exhausted. Create margins in your time.
  • BODY. Eating too much food, the wrong type of food or not enough can have devastating effects on your quality of sleep. Lack of exercise can also interrupt healthy sleep rhythms. Your body is not your own, but it has become a temple of the Holy Spirit when you became a follower of Jesus. This is an all the time temple, not just when you go to church on Sunday. Follow the Spirit and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh which include poor eating habits and abusing your body lifestyle.

So there you have it. On this Fear Not Friday God cares about your sleep. He who never sleeps nor slumbers wants you to be refreshed while you are sleeping. Claim this verse and ask for God to give you a good night’s sleep. Make the decision to change some of the barriers which cause your sleep troubles as much and as quickly as you can.

Psalm 127:2 sums up the message. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for bread to eat—for He gives sleep to His beloved. May you enjoy sweet sleep!

Blessings Love y’all