Learning by ExampleShow me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Psalms 25:4 NIV

She came to the front of the bus while we were stopped at the school waiting for the door to open, and asked for help with a math problem.

“Are you asking me to help you with your homework?” I asked.

“Yes, how do I add 10 to this number?”

I showed her the ones, tens, and hundreds columns and we added the number. Then I let her try the next problem. The door to school opened and I let the students out.

The Hebrew word for “show” is from the root of “yada”. This is the same word used for intimate knowledge of Adam “knowing” Eve. David wants to understand personally how God desires to interact with mankind. This would be a precursor to WWJD, except moving the information from the head to the heart.

The Hebrew word for “teach” implies learning by experience. In America, we think of teaching as a professor standing in front of a class giving a lecture. Yes, one can learn this way…but we lose most of the information we hear, no matter how good it was communicated. David is asking for a different kind of teaching.  He desires to learn by example, like walking with a shepherd and watching him take care of the sheep.

May your prayer request today come from your heart. May God be faithful to engage in your trials, temptations, opportunities, skills, job, travel, and meals so that you “know” His ways. May His mercy be with you as you “experience” learning.

Blessing Love y’all