th (9)We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. Romans 6:4 ESV

Who gets to experience newness? When Paul said “might walk” does that mean some followers of Jesus are missing out on a more intimate experience with Christ? Will I miss “newness” because it is too hard to obtain? Do I have to know a lot of Bible stuff to walk closely with newness? Was Paul thinking about me in general?

What is newness really? Is it more than just a new emotional experience that happened when I received Christ? Is it a continual mushy feeling that I am supposed to have knowing that God loves me? Is my relationship with Jesus more than just accepting a belief that He is more than just a person who died for me? What does raised to walk in a new life look like for me? For the group of believers at my church? What is the relationship between newness and experiencing the fruit of the Spirit?

When does newness happen? Did the old things leave and the new things come when Jesus died? Or did the old leave at His death and then the new comes when I get to heaven with my new body? Does newness come in the rear view mirror of my life or can I see it coming in front of me? When I feel sick and yucky, can I still experience newness at the moment I need it?

Where does newness occur? Is it in my heart when I received a new spirit? Will my mind ever start thinking new thoughts instead of the old patterns that have kept me stuck? Did Christ wounds provide for the healing for my body to experience the newness of His life? Is “newness” hiding for some followers, while others seem to experience it easily?

How do I engage in newness? Do I have to pray for newness everyday? Does it naturally become a part of my life like breathing? How does inheriting the Christ life work in every sphere of my own life? How do I measure the quality and quantity of “newness” in my life? How does the Holy Spirit assist in breathing His new life into my daily experience?

Why is newness important? Why should I question my own experience with the newness of life? Am I living to the fullest potential and expression of intimacy that God had in mind when He desired that I should be raised to walk in a new life? Is this newness equal to the power that raised Christ from the dead? Will others be drawn to Jesus if they see me walking in the “newness” of life?

Am I truly living daily in the newness of life? Some questions just have to be asked.

Blessings Love y’all.