so-great-is-his-love-lisa-mooreFor as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; Psalm 103:11 NIV

Come closely to Me now so that I can whisper into the ear of your spirit, “I Love You.” Receive My love and let the thought of it fill your entire person. I really like you and who you are. I enjoy your presence.

Asking why is a common response. For you excel in describing all of the reasons why I should not find you lovable in my eyes. You tell me of all of your sinful actions that disqualifies you. You have a book of remembrance of past failures that has a running tally of discrediting marks. You remind me of the hurtful words that were spoken over you by parents and others close to you telling you how you don’t measure up. You rehearse again and again to try to convince Me that you are not worth loving. You think there is a limit on My love.

My love is as vast as the ocean with its waters covering the earth. My love is as high as the heavens above the earth with no boundary line to designate its end. My love is like the air that you breath, every breath brings new life to your body. You are the apple of My eye so that I always have you in My view.

Why do I love you? I love My Son and you are hidden in Him. I have spoken aloud that I love My Son and I have shown my acceptance of His sacrifice on your behalf. Whoever the Son loves, I choose to love. My child I created you and you are Mine. I hurt when you hurt and I laugh when you are happy. I walk with you through the fire and I remain present during your greatest trials.

Let the knowledge of My love become the sweet fragrance of My anointing oil that marks you as one of Mine. May its aroma remind you of the closeness that I share with you. 

Let’s go love the rest of the world together today.

Whispers from Your Father, God