There are many who say,  “Who will show us any good?”  Lord, lift up the light of Your countenance upon us. Psalm 4:6 NKJV

Trouble abounds and bad news travels fast. It was never My intention for this world to be filled with pain, shame and guilt. Adam and Eve felt the full impact of their sin when one of their sons killed his brother.  My comfort during their loss was brought to a whole new level.

I have sprinkled My goodness all throughout your life. Everyone gets to experience the freshness of spring and the fruit of harvest. The warmth of the sunshine welcomes the dawning of each new day. Rain replenishes the earth while settling as a drop on a rose petal. The earth declares the glory of My splendor that I am good.

Forgiveness is a gift that can be freely given to those you love. Smiles are both a reflection and a treasure shared from your heart. Laughter does the body good like a medicine.  Even tears communicate the tenderness of the heart. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. As with all of My creation, I declared what I have created as good.

Words are full of both life and death…choose life. Meal times are joyous occasions for good food and stories. I am preparing a banquet feast for all of My children for us to share throughout eternity. How good and pleasant it is for brothers (family) to dwell together in unity.

Where is any good? Look in the mirror. I have made you unique and called you My own. My Son experienced death, burial and resurrection so that you may know the depths of My love. You are grafted into My family with a special role to fulfill designed for your skillset. My Spirit leads you to green pastures for the refreshment of your soul.

I have given you ears to hear and discern My voice amid all of the clutter. Peace I give unto you which is not like what the world has to offer. In the stillness and quietness know that I am a good Father.

Whispers from Your Father, God