As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him. Mark 9:15 NIV

Pam and I watched a movie on Pureflix called Open My Eyes several days ago about a photographer who has an accident and loses his sight. Pain and awkwardness ensued after the accident as the man tried to come to grips with not being able to see. We appreciated the blessing of physical sight.

The context of the verse today is about the deliverance of a demon possessed son. The disciples are ineffective at helping the son and the Pharisees appear to be taunting the disciples. Jesus has just left the mountain of transfiguration and arrives on the scene in which He heals the son.

The word overwhelmed in greek is exethambēthēsan and it means to be awe-struck or greatly astonished. Many translations choose the term greatly amazed. The expression is only captured in the gospel of Mark which gives little explanation as to why they were amazed. Many believe that His physical appearance had a glow immediately after the transfiguration similar to Moses’ appearance after coming down the mountain having been in the glory of God. 

Jesus looked different enough that the crowd left the scene to run toward Him. It is possible that their hero had arrived to win the battle over the demon possessed son. It is possible that the Teacher would now be able to silence the taunting of the Pharisees. It is possible that they could now “see” the answer to their problems. The revelation was enough to cause them to run toward Him.

Where is your focus today? Look to Jesus

  • Overwhelmed by a project – look to Jesus
  • Enduring relational conflict – look to Jesus
  • Stuck in repetitive sin – look to Jesus
  • Financial woes of never enough – look to Jesus
  • Chronic illness and pain – look to Jesus
  • Fearful of tomorrow – look to Jesus
  • Perplexed with how to move forward – look to Jesus

On this Monday Mantra, may God give you eyes to look away from the problems that consume your mental energy and physical stress toward Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. May He spiritually touch your eyes so that the way forward becomes clear. 

This is not about trying harder to understand. This is about a revelation that Jesus is now on the scene of your dilemma. May you turn and run in His direction. His arms are open wide and His heart is bent in your direction. May you experience the joy of being exethambēthēsan, greatly amazed.

Blessings Love y’all