Dishonest scales are disgusting to the LORD, but accurate weights are pleasing to him. Proverbs 11:1

Jimbob – No Meeting with the Cheating Sisters -Lying, Trying, Spying, and Crying

A sense of justice is part of the image of God which abides in each of us. We want to believe things should be done fair with everyone. Children don’t have to be taught about justice, they quickly realize when someone takes their toy. They turn to an adult and ask for someone to make things right.

Jesus highlighted the golden rule as the marker for treating one another fairly. Do unto others (treat) others in the same way you wish others to do unto you (deal fairly with you).

Scales represented the economic activity of King Solomon’s day. Almost all trade included a consistent type of measurement. When the scales were tampered with, cheating and unfairness begin to erode confidence in the fairness of trade. Part of righteousness exalting a nation is the conducting of fairness across the economic culture. 

What happens when cheating and tilting the balance have already occurred?

  • Pray for those in authority to rule fairly
  • Ask for God to root out those who are acting wickedly and selfishly
  • Pray for God to raise up Daniel and Nehemiah type leaders who are full of integrity in all levels of leadership
  • Pray for parents to model integrity in the home to give a clear path for the next generation- adultery is wrong, cheating on taxes is wrong, keeping your word is right all the time, and living by our own standards of doing what you say is right
  • The Biggest Challenge – Learn How to Forgive. Forgiveness at its core is to cancel a debt that is owed. Some acts of injustice can never be fully repaid. Cancelling the debt through forgiveness can bring healing to all parties. At the minimum, forgiveness allows God to render vengeance as He sees fit without your hands having to get involved.

In today’s story, Jimbob learns that lying, trying, spying and crying are sisters to cheating. Deception is at the core of injustice of trading practice, games and relationships. God loves those who choose to have clean hands and a pure heart in all matters of life.

May you be blessed with choosing right when tempted to take the shortcuts of cheating on money matters and life interactions. May God restore  justice to our “scales of balance” in our nation.  May we move toward integrity and forgiveness in matters high and low.

Blessings Love y’all