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Does God see me?

But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.
Genesis 39:21 ESV

Favor in Prison

Does God see me? I had the privilege of spending the last week in my hometown of Plant City, Florida. I got to visit with parents, took pics with my own children and grandchildren, visited with family, shared Thanksgiving meals and reconnected with my best friend from High School. What I did not realize was the absorption of the color of green happening all around me. I even sat by the water at sunset next to green mangroves trees.

When I returned home to Alabama, the sky was gray, the air was cold and the trees displayed their last leaves of fall colors with many laying brown and dead on the ground (somebody needs to rake the yard). It was the same time of year, a day later. God was present in both places.

Joseph went from being an open wide rancher, to slave, to head steward, and now to locked up in prison. Does God see Joseph in yet another bleak season? Yes! God gave Joseph favor in prison.

God’s favor can find you today in the middle of your mire. His favor can exist even when the muddy mire remains knee deep. Even if you think the mire should all be gone by now, God’s favor can still settle upon you.

God’s steadfast love of covenant commitment to you, His child, remains intact. In the lowest of lows He is with you. When all that you see is gray, bleak and brown, His warmth and light are abiding over you. When the loneliness sets in because your loved one is gone, He listens to your heart and holds your hand. When sickness keeps it grip of pain squeezed upon you, His presence is strong in the stillness of your next breath.

On this Monday Mantra may God remind you of His steadfast commitment to you in the seasons of life. The world around you changes, but God’s favor and love remain the same. May your experience His love and favor today. May his voice be clear and His wisdom be available to you. May you be blessed with favor in your prison of “how did I get here?”, for God is with you even at this moment.

Weeping may last for a moment, His favor remains for a lifetime.

Blessings Love y’all